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Baby Alive – bébé a un Bobo – Poupée interactive 30 cm


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Baby Alive Baby Gets a Boo Boo - (Blonde) Baby Alive dolls bring love and joy to life for your little ones. With dolls that eat. drink. and wet. your little girl can enjoy a realistic baby experience. And then with our baby dolls that pretend to eat and drink. without the cleanup. your little girl's imagination will soar as she loves and laughs with her Baby Alive dolls. With many play scenarios and accessories. Baby Alive dolls of all types will always find a place in your little girl's heart. Heal Your Baby Doll's Boo Boo Meet Baby Alive Baby Gets a Boo Boo. a precious baby doll that needs your little girl's help to make her boo boo all better. Baby Gets a Boo Boo can bring out the nurturing mommy side of your little girl. She can apply pretend ointment to her baby doll's knee with the included ointment bottle. Then she can watch the boo boo disappear when she repeatedly opens and closes the bandage. Your little girl will know that she's needed as she pretends to cheer up her Baby Gets a Boo Boo doll with colorful bandage stickers and a kiss on the knee to make it all better! Baby Doll Wets Her Diaper There is so much for a little girl to do to love her baby doll and be the best mommy she can be! After your little girl soothes her Baby Alive Baby Gets a Boo Boo doll with a bottle of water. she will want to change her baby doll's wet diaper to make her happy and comfortable. She'll feel good about her mothering skills when she gently wipes her baby doll's bottom and puts on a dry diaper (sold separately). She can even add a little more pretend ointment to her baby doll's boo boo before ending the day. What a loving mommy your little girl will be! Highlights 1. Make my boo boo all better with my bandage 2. Soothe me with my bottle of WaterBaby Doll Wets 3. It's time to change my wet diaper
Baby Alive Baby Gets a Boo Boo - Blonde

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